November 20, 2022

So how-long-does-scalp-micropigmentation results last?

Find out how long SMP results last

So how-long-does-scalp-micropigmentation results last?

How Long Does Scalp Micropigmentation Results Last?

Clients want to know how long scalp micro pigmentation will last, and the SMP procedure takes two to three sessions. Scalp micro pigmentation practitioners recommend getting a retouch every 4-6 years to maintain the look.

The permanence of scalp micro pigmentation results

Scalp micro pigmentation is a solution that is quickly gaining popularity for its ability to cover up hair loss and balding in both Permanent hair-loss treatments and people. It's a quick procedure with long-term consequences that only requires minor touchups.

The method does not hinder hair loss or stimulate the formation of new follicles. Scalp tattooing is a type of permanent makeup involving pigment on the scalp. That hides receding hairlines and baldness by creating natural-appearing hair follicles. The outcomes can last several years, depending on various circumstances. 4-6 years after the procedure, a retouch may be required to maintain a clean low-cut look.

How Long Results Last Before A Retouch?

Our clients will have a permanent hairline, but we offer retouches to keep the look more natural and full-looking. After the final micropigmentation session, you can expect the results to last for four years at a minimum. However, some habits and exposures may require a retouch sooner than expected.

Sun Exposure

To ensure your scalp heals properly, avoid direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays. You will be given a list of chores to perform by your artist. - including not washing your head straight after the procedure - all work together to help speed up the healing process.

Taking important measure such as staying away from the sun; When you go out in the sun, try limiting your exposure as much as possible to protect your new SMP results. If you want your SMP results to last longer, exposing your head to sunlight and UV rays for extended periods will cause them to fade faster and require more frequent touchups.

The pigment type and quality?

Are two elements that you should think about before getting a procedure. Some pigments require retouching sooner than others when sunlight and the environment are exposed. Other stains are more resilient and survive longer. Traditional tattooing inks, as well as SMPs, should not be disclosed to UV for extended periods.

The quality of your pigment will depend on where your artist gets it. A reputable source means they'll use safe, top-quality coloring that matches your skin tone perfectly, when choosing practitioners, make sure they use high-quality micro-pigmentation pigments as we do at Santana & Co SMP.

Quality of the procedure

Scalp micro pigmentation requires 2-4 sessions 10 to 14 days apart. Since experienced professionals should perform the procedure, you must be careful when choosing yours. The long-lasting results could be maintained for up to six years, while the changes can be made as needed.

When it comes to micro pigmentation, always choose an artist specializing in scalp tattoos and receding hairlines. This way, you can be sure they will pay attention to all the details.

Speed of hair loss

Though it might not seem like it, hair loss doesn't happen overnight. You might gradually notice a receding hairline over time. However, with SMP (micro scalp pigmentation), you can have the neat appearance of full short hair.

Plus, since SMP doesn't cause new hair growth or stop existing hair loss, your natural will continue to recede at the same rate post-procedure. The only difference is that you'll need a retouch sooner if you lose your hair quicker.

SMP works by hiding any areas of hair loss on the scalp, but keep in mind that you may develop new bald spots before your subsequent treatment is due. A touchup will help to keep your appearance neat and cover any newly developed bald spots. Since everyone experiences hair loss at different rates, it's essential to get a touchup based on YOUR individual needs. If you're concerned about future hair loss, be sure to talk to your artist about ways that you can proactively combat it.

What Are the Best Strategies for Maintaining SMP Results Appearance?

Micropigmentation dyes are unfamiliar to macrophage cells and are deposited. The body will wear down the color with time, necessitating a retouch. Your results will not disappear over time. However, they will need regular maintenance for a new procedure's sharp, lush, and natural appearance to stay fresh. Here are five suggestions for clients seeking longer-lasting effects:

Aftercare Tips

For the four to five days post-procedure, resist heavily scrubbing your scalp or using shampoo. Instead, opt for a milder moisturizer used daily. Also, try to steer clear of harsh chemicals like bleach or alcohol.

Research every product before you buy it

Aftercare goods include soaps, moisturizers, creams, and sunscreens. It is critical to thoroughly evaluate each product and consult with your artist if possible. Only use safe scalp treatments from well-known manufacturers.

Hair Loss Speed

Micropigmentation has become a popular trend for both men and women. It can help give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair by adding darker pigments and is exceptionally well suited for shorter hairstyles. However, it's essential to consult with and hire a skilled, licensed SMP artist to handle the procedure; working with an expert will ensure you get the best possible results that last longer.

When is it Appropriate to consider smp retouch?

To discuss the need for your SMP artist, contact them directly—retouching and choosing the best time for another surgery. Our staff of expert professionals is committed to assisting you in finding the most natural hair loss cure. We provide cutting-edge SMP treatments for clients in Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding areas at Santana & Co SMP. The scalp micro pigmentation process is painless, cost-effective, and highly effective. If you have questions about this technique or want a complimentary consultation, don't hesitate to contact us.