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If you're a beginner or experienced SMP artist looking to take your skills to the next level, this Master Class is for you. Our 2-day training program is designed for those who are serious about refining their SMP skills and techniques. Whether you're looking to improve your hairline, impression depth, scar camouflage blending techniques, SMP on beards (FMP), ink ratio, or simply want to learn how to modify the ink properly to cancel out any blues or greens, our Master Class is the perfect opportunity to take your craft to the next level
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Who is this Advanced SMP Training for?

SMP Master Class Academy offers a 2-day Master Course training program to help you refine your SMP skills and take your craft to the next level. Our experienced instructor Sam Garcia provides personalized feedback will teach you the most current and advanced techniques in SMP. Upon completing our program, you'll receive a certification that demonstrates your advanced SMP skills and expertise

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP): Unlocking A Lucrative Future

Micro scalp pigmentation (SMP) is a sought-after hair loss treatment, attracting career switchers. A single session costs $1500 to $5000, with licensed technicians potentially earning up to $1 million annually.

Our SMP Academy offers comprehensive training, covering latest techniques and trends to meet high demand. Emphasizing pigment use for client satisfaction and confidence, our program equips you for success in the scalp treatment market. Joining as a licensed SMP technician offers a fulfilling career with financial stability in the hair restoration field.

SMP Masterclass FAQ

Our 2-day hands on academy is the world’s leading authority on scalp micropigmentation. We offer an extensive range of courses and training program, + a Scalp micro pigmentation certification at the end! as well as a wealth of information and advice for anyone considering this life-changing treatment.
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What Qualification Must I Have To Apply For the SMP Training Program?
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There are no prerequisites for our SMP Training Program. This program is an excellent complement to other professions such as tattoo artist, permanent makeup artist, hair transplant technician, medicine, nursing, and medical esthetician.
What's Included?
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Wireless mast pro lancer SMP/Tattoo gun. Black ink, orange ink, water dilution, rulers, bag, needles, and  more+
How Much does The SMP Course Cost?
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The Total cost of the SMP Program is $4500, with an initial $1,000 deposit and this price includes your SMP Training Kit
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SMP Master Class & One on One Training

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